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Living in Sverige

Decided to start a blog to share my experience living as a Singaporean-Maldivian woman in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am 32 years old and will be 6 months pregnant tomorrow.

Moved to sweden in June 2020 at the height of the current pandemic.

Initially, i thought moving here would not affect me as i have studied and lived in the UK, Switzerland and Maldives. Unfortunately, things have been much more difficult than expected.

A lot of uncertainty and financially, it has been a little tight. On top of everything, now isn't the best time to look for work due to the lax rules in Swedish workplace.

Took a leap of faith and decided to start this blog to share my experiences and opinions living in Sweden as a mixed asian woman of muslim faith.

*Hesitated typing muslim but i shouldn't. Am a proud muslim and nothing extremist about it.

Hope this journey will be the start of good things.

Meet my husband, Christian Liu.


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