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Pregnant with Covid Part 1

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Sharing my experience with covid, hoping it will help someone.

FYI: Me and my husband practice social distancing and wear a mask every time we go out of our apartment.

Firstly on the weekend of 7th March, my husband started complaining about not feeling well and weak. He had been working a continuous 2 week morning shift and when his body is exhausted he usually starts feeling a little sick. We assumed this was what he was going through and thought he’d be able to sleep it off.

He was fully rested and we got some errands done since I needed some help due to being pregnant. *all while wearing our masks

On the next day, he still wasn’t feeling 100% and I even joked that he was complaining too much about being sick. He relaxed at home and only had body aches.

He had been off the past few days from work and slept early Monday night to get ready to return to work. Few hours later on Tuesday morning at 5am, he woke me up with high fever, chills and body aches. His symptoms drastically worsened in a matter of hours. Still we didn’t think there was any way he could have contracted covid but skipped work and arranged for him to get tested for Covid to be safe.

Tuesday morning at 11, he had to self test for Covid and we were advised to wait 48-72hours for his result. In Singapore, my younger brother serving the end of his quarantine also got tested but on Wednesday morning. My brother got his results back by late Wednesday afternoon and we still had not heard from the Swedish healthcare system. Finally, by Wednesday evening 10th March Sweden time, he got his results. My husband was Covid positive.

The delay in Swedish system was starkly obvious.

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