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Baby No. 2, Life and all these feelings!

So grateful and thankful to be pregnant again. Kind of unexpected and super nervous about this next chapter.

It’s finally July 2023 and half way through the year as well as 9 weeks left for the pregnancy.

I haven’t had any time to blog as so much has happened in the past 2 years since my son was born.

Firstly, I’m thankful my son is in a great preschool in our apartment complex. Going to school literally takes less than 5 minutes. It’s completely swedish dominant but I’m taking it one day at a time when it comes to speaking to them. Zayn has developed so much and is so interactive with us.

Second, we moved into a slightly bigger apartment that has 2 bedrooms and much more space for the family. We moved in January 2023 and been taking it easy moving in.

Now that the baby is due soon we are also making space for the little one soon.

Finally, I guess i am dealing well with Zayn. We have a great routine and i think thats what scares me most about having the new baby come. Everything is flowing very well and i dont do well with changes.

My little man is such a great kid and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a son.

I guess now i am in that part where i am trying to figure out about myself. Both me and Christian decided that we definitely do not want another kid after this. We want to make time for ourselves and especially our boys.

I need to make time for me so desperately. I feel like i have forgotten who I am and what i want to do. I have dreams but they’re all fuzzy. Finally having a ME day today is helpful to just get all these thoughts and feelings out.

Maybe i should start with the vision board and then from there i can start thinking about what I want to achieve and do.

Anyway, maybe the next post will be once baby 2 is out.

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