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Pregnant with Covid Part 2

After he tested positive, i knew it was a matter of time before I would. But being pregnant and hormonal, got me anxious and scared. We were constantly fighting and i'm not proud of this, but I started blaming him for the worst case scenario of getting covid.

My Backstory: After trying for few years, we had gotten pregnant in January 2020. I was few weeks pregnant and super excited! Unfortunately in a matter of days, I suffered a miscarriage and lost my baby.

My mother-in-law(MIL) decided to help me and keep me separated from my husband as she was getting too worried about the baby. I advised her that I would probably be positive any day but she was adamant that for the sake of the baby, I'd move to her house so she could look after me.

We got the rapid antigen test done and within 15mins, we found out I was negative. This test was done on the 12th of March, 3 days after my husband got tested as well as when I started developing an annoying irritation in my throat and flu. I was still skeptic as I had read news of covid patients whom initially tested negative.

My MIL was relaxed and decided to take her mask off, but I informed her that I would continue to be careful and keep my mask on. Upon reaching her house, I requested that I stay isolated in the basement room and have the toilet to myself. I would minimise contact around the kitchen and any cutlery used will be kept directly in the dishwasher. My in-laws were a bit confused, but respected my decision as they were not well informed regarding covid and its effects.

During the entire time I was around my in-laws, I kept a distance as well as a mask on the whole time. My MIL was kind enough to constantly cook me three meals a day and fresh ginger tea everyday to sooth my throat that started developing into a cough with bad flu.

Once the weekend was over, I decided to get tested again. I wanted to be absolutely certain that I did not have covid. We set up another appointment in Båstad, but due to the location/logistics the private lab I went to didn't have the PCR Test available. The doctor recommended to get the rapid antigen test again instead of waiting for a few more days. He was concerned that I was not protecting others and spreading the disease around as other people would have normally done. I informed him that his concern was valid but I was much more careful than any other person in Sweden when It came to Covid.

Surprise, surprise.. my test came out positive.

After the initial stage of anxiety, I accepted that I needed to focus on protecting my in laws and recovering from Covid whilst monitoring my symptoms. I think that's the worst about Covid19, you are just waiting to see what's gonna happen and if the symptoms get worse. I was very lucky I had mild symptom, literally had flu and cough. The flu improved after 1 week and by the end of 2 weeks, the flu was almost gone and the cough was very little. Since, I had mild symptoms, I wanted to get tested again. All three of my tests were paid for privately. Although, almost one month later, I had lost my sense of smell and taste along the way and have not recovered.

*Pls note that there are cases of people who continue to test positive for Covid19 even after recovering. They can continue to test positive up to 3 months after their initial tests. Which is why in Sweden once you test positive, they do not test you again unless you have Covid related symptoms after recovering. In other countries such as Singapore, they get you tested again and again until you are either negative or the amount of covid in your symptom has reduced.

During the next 10 days, I wore masks when I left the room and gloves when I touched any surfaces. Masks and gloves were disposed of at the end of each day. Stayed away completely from my in-laws. Btw, they tested negative when I got my positive result. They ordered the PCR home kit and tested again on Thursday (three days after my positive result). And finally at the end of my isolation, they got tested negative after I tested negative as well. All isolation efforts paid off!

My test results at the end of my Covid illness. The same lady who tested me initially, did my test twice to make sure I was really negative. :)

So being pregnant, the doctor advised me the importance of Vitamin D and Vitamin C(not the sweet flavoured types, but those that can be taken twice or thrice a day without affecting my sugar intake). He also advised that I double my intake for my pregnancy vitamin. I hope my experience can help someone whom is pregnant (at the time of Covid I was between 20 and 22 weeks pregnant).

Articles on Vitamin D benefits when pregnant with covid:

These are just a few of what I researched on, as always it is important to check with your midwife/doctor.

Please stay safe and reach out to me, if you have any questions. <3

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