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My baby is here! And abt Post Natal Depression

So happy to introduce my biggest blessing and challenge, Zayn Victor Liu.

He was born on the 18th of July in the afternoon and it has been quite the journey. I am currently having the ’baby blues’ or as they call it Post Natal Depression. I am not ashamed to admit it nor seek help from other mothers.

I am thankful, grateful and feel so lucky to be a mother to my son. But I miss being a wife, daughter and sister to my family. No one ever mentioned that the other roles would take this much of a step back. And I know my role as a mother will not last forever as for these first few

months only will I need to be with him. But, I can’t help missing out on my family’s lives.

I am also learning to juggle my time as Diyana and as Diyana the mom. Today, for the first time, I started the day off with brushing my teeth. Not that I have been unhygienic but I’ve had no time to start the day properly, that I end up brushing my teeth later. also, having Zayn sleep in his own bed has paid off. Listened to my mom and spoke to Zayn to listen to me while I put him down to get ready.

The first week was brutal, I found him to be so fragile and in all honesty, I was scared. I felt like I wasn’t qualified to look after this little being. I was lucky my mother in law came down to help, and was what I needed for that first week. My son got diagnosed with Jaundice and we even had to be hospitalised to make sure he was getting enough light. Soon after, we introduced formula as well, so finally after almost 3 weeks, the doc said his jaundice has gone down and we just need to keep feeding him and monitoring his poop and sleep. My mother in law had to leave after 1 week and me and hubby were put through crash course to stay with baby alone. This was such a huge blessing in disguise as my husband has been so helpful to both me and Zayn. He has also been so patient and looked after both of us so well.

I wish women spoke about Post Natal depression and the fourth trimester more. I feel like we are so focused on the pregnancy itself that we forgot to mention to women that this whole new change will come up. I never saw any of my friends whom became new mothers talk about this or mention this. I hope that as I start to find time for myself, I’ll also blog about my journey in Motherhood.

Sending good vibes and so much love to all mothers out there. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, may we never forget our little blessings that we worked so hard to bring into this world. I love you Zayn and mama hopes to continue to be the best mother I can be to you. ❤️

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